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Whether you're a startup with a team of 10 or an established brand with 1,000 plus, our team of brand builders will collab with your internal staff to solve creative problems more effectively. 👍👍

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Every brand is a startup,
some are just older than others.

People think startups are exciting and that established brands are boring. The biggest lol is that every brand was once a startup.

Our unique collaborative approach helps launch startups by amplifying what makes them special and enables established brands to re-communicate what once made them exciting.

Here's how we do it...


Linda & Linda Loops

We work with startups and brands using our six step method. Collaboration is super important to us throughout this process. 👍👍

Startup Loops

A startup can have an amazing product offering - they just might need some help introducing it to the world.

Brand Loops

A brand can be very well known, but might still be looking for a new way to communicate with their core consumer audience.

Our L&L Loops method helps us guide you and your team from the initial strategy phase, through to creative development, into final rollout and project feedback. Then taking the learnings to repeat the process over and over again, each time achieving a higher level of success.

Linda & Linda Loops

The six step method for success.

1 Goal 3 Solution 5 Feedback 6 Iterate 2 Problem 4 Execution
1 2 3 5 4 6

1 Goal

Before we can help you creatively, we first need a clear understanding of your business goal. An initial discovery session allows our team to learn all about your offering and to get a better understanding of your business objective.

1 2 3 5 4 6

2 Problem

We then identify the business problem that needs a creative solution in order to achieve your goal. This leads to a crystal clear brief and also helps both parties understand what success looks like.

1 2 3 5 4 6

3 Solution

We use the brief to develop a strategy and ideate various creative solutions that best solve your business problem.

1 2 3 5 4 6

4 Execution

Once a creative solution has been approved, we work directly with you and your team to execute the approved creative. This includes guidance and coordination of production vendors to ensure the creative is being executed at the highest level.

1 2 3 5 4 6

5 Feedback

Once a project is complete, a follow-up session with your team allows us to go through the results. It also gives both parties the opportunity to discuss openly what worked (and what didn’t) to achieve the business goal.

1 2 3 5 4 6

6 Iterate

We then take the learnings and apply it to the next project and the one after that and so on. Working with you and your team to evolve and get better every time - leading to higher levels of success. 👍👍